About us

NRG Productions Corporation, a Canadian company since 2007 is active in the field of live entertainment producing Italian and International shows in Canada (Ontario and Quebec, to date) and the United States of America (northern states).

To its credit, NRG has had five years of continuous collaboration with Mondo Music, in the programming and artistic design of the shows at the Avalon Theatre, Fallsview Casino Resort. The Italian shows were mainly aimed at the Italian communities, numerous in the region of Ontario, but also carried International shows, aimed at a Canadian audience with multiple ethnic origins, either European or Asian.


NRG has produced about one hundred performances, alone in the period of five years of collaboration with Mondo Music at the Avalon Theatre. Currently we are developing the 2013 programme and will be confirming the plans for upcoming 2014.

The main Artists of the shows produced by NRG include: AL BANO, BAGLIONI, Venditti, Arbore, Pooh, and even Ricchi e Poveri, Matia Bazar, as well as many other artists of the 60's and other eras, like Dallara, Fontana, Fogli, Leali Berti, Zanicchi, Vanoni, Pravo, Pupo, Tozzi etc.

NRG has often produced innovative shows for the local target market, inspired by the television format, also followed in Canada, through RAI ITALIA. It has organized shows both well attended and appreciated, with Carlo Conti, Antonella Clerici, Paolo Belli and group dancers led by Todaro. The cast is formed by artists who regularly frequent those respective TV programs.

At the same time, NRG has produced a number of Shows-On-Tour for Canada (Toronto and Montreal) and North America (reaching states, like New Jersey, Connecticut and New York). Two tours have seen the Pooh as performers, the second one together with the Canadian Symphony Orchestra. Five other tours, in collaboration with Master Video Production, have been performed by the Cast of “Ti Lascio una Canzone”, alternating the young Artists in every Tour.

Last year, NRG PRODUCTIONS launched “Una Voce per Padre Pio nel Mondo”, the first event of its kind in Canada filmed and broadcast by RAI on RAI UNO and RAI INTERNATIONAL TV (“RAI ITALIA”): a phenomenal event for 2012.
The production included a series of events, under the full jurisdiction of NRG, held between August 22nd and August 26th inclusive. The highlight of the production was the live show presented with Toto Cutugno, I Pooh, Orietta Berti and many other artists, subsequently broadcast on RAI UNO September 16th and on RAI INTERNATIONAL September 23rd .

Preparations have currently been undertaken for the second annual edition of this magnificent event scheduled to take place in mid September and televised on prime time television, affirming the success of the first event already promoted by RAI ITALIA.